Thursday, October 13, 2011

Sabotaged and Coiffed!

Usually when my mom takes me for a ride, it means a nice long walk along West Cliff Drive.  I get to watch the surfers and meet other beach dogs along the way.  Sometimes it means we run errands, and I get to ride in the shopping cart and greet other shoppers.

But today, I hopped in my car seat all ready to enjoy a morning out and to my dismay, Lynne dropped me off at the Dog Tub (*Oh, in case you didn't notice... my mom's name is Lynne, and that's what I call her when I'm mad*).

I probably don't need to explain where I was. With a name like: "The Dog Tub"... let's just say it's NOT my favorite place.  Two hours later (after looking like a drowned rat), I was fluffed and puffed... or as the French would say, coiffed!

I must admit, I DO look pretty cute and boy, do I smell good!

When I got home, the kitchen was filled with the smells of Fall... pumpkin, cinnamon, nutmeg.

It smelled so good I actually settled into my "bad-dog" bed.  Normally, the only time I lay there is when I'm sent there as punishment.

When I eventually joined my mom in the living room (yea, I can't stay mad long)...  I found she'd been creating Christmas ornaments while I was gone...  Can you tell what her sculptures will eventually be?
I know, but I'm not telling... you'll just have to wait and see!

... and while she was "playing", she washed ALL my toys so when I got home, I could play too!  

Gotta go... Woof, woof.... It's PLAY TIME!!

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