Monday, August 29, 2016

Manna - "What is this?"
Being called to Live in the Mystery of God's daily Graces...

Living in God's mystery is SO hard... until it simply reveals itself. Easy-Peasy!

In a blink of an eye, my life over the next 3 months has changed dramatically! Let's just cut-to-the-chase, shall we? On September 8th, I will be TEMPORARILY  moving to Sonoma to help manage "Sonoma's Best"! Be sure to Google it... There are (4) quaint cottages for rent and a chi-chi wine/gift/cheese shop with a deli and wine bar. I'll be living in the apartment above the shop, and Coco will be my MaĆ®tre Fromager (not really, but a dog can dream, can't she?).

In the meantime, I will be subletting my sweet little Mount Hermon cottage in the woods and plan to return by mid-December where I will be looking for FULL-TIME employment back in the Scotts Valley/Santa Cruz area. So please, please, please... Let me know if you hear of any employment opportunities over the next few months. I will be available to drive back home for interviews and hope to land a job soon after the New Year!

As a dear friend said to me, "Maybe this is a season of adventure for you!" 

I like that! And even though I feel the excitement of a beautiful flower coming to full bloom, the petals are definitely tinged with shades of hesitation and a splash of nervousness. So I would appreciate any prayers and would love to have visitors! Harvest time is the BEST time to come to wine country! Hint, hint! :o)

Enjoying His Manna (and wine, and cheese, and...)

Monday, August 15, 2016

Manna - "What is this?"
Being called to live in the mystery of God's daily Graces

Lord, I feel like it's feast or famine. I'm either searching for a "crumb" of manna like a bad game of hide-n-seek, or in a blink of an eye, things change and there are way too many crumbs to pick up. 
In some ways, it's almost harder for me to have multiple possibilities (crumbs) present themselves because I start thinking how will they all "compliment eachother" (taste)... But then you remind me, that's not my job; that's Yours! You are the Master Chef and You are providing the gourmet meal (and that's a relief since I don't cook!)

I only need to sit down, push my chair to the table, place my napkin in my lap, and enjoy one crumb at a time. I mean really, who enjoys scarfing down all their food at once anyway? You are teaching me to savor each morsel. 

I have to constantly remind myself that You will reveal information to me as I need to know. I just need to look at my plate like a posh seven-course meal rather than a family-style dinner where everything eventually touches or gets mixed together. I don't need to see everything that's on my plat du jour or eat all my courses at once. Part of living in mystery is enjoying each course for it's uniqueness, it's presentation and of course... the taste. Lord, help me to slow down and anticipate each course with bated breath, not knowing what delectable delights await. 

Today is one of those days. Lord, help me to savor each crumb as You present it, and allow me to salivate for the one following, knowing that You know exactly how to create a feast for the senses.

Ready with my fork,

Thursday, August 11, 2016

MANNA("What is it?") 
Being called to live in the mystery of God's daily Grace 
Why is it so hard to live a life of mystery; of trust; of utter dependence? I enjoy making plans. Knowing what's next gives me a sense of control. Routine feels familiar and safe. Doesn't ticking off a long list of tasks equate being productive and reaching goals mean I'm successful? 
Consequently, having no plan; approaching the dreaded "unknown"; dealing with last-minute changes; having potential opportunities without any confirmations; being flexible, spontaneous and adaptable... these things have their place, but certainly not on a MOMENT-BY-MOMENT basis, RIGHT?!
I'm learning (sluggishly, I might add) that living day-by-day with Your mysterious manna is how you call me to live. Your DAILY grace is sufficient. Your loving-kindness is NEW every morning. Great is Your FAITHFULNESS! (Lamentations 3: 22-23) 
Lord, please give me an attitude of excitement and anticipation to see how Your daily graces unfold. Each morning, I want to luxuriate on the multitude of blessings in my life, seek out the graces You will bestow upon me every day, and praise You for every mystery-grace-miracle. Your Manna; Your Provision; Your Grace...IS enough.
Lord, You are GOOD.
Lord, You claim me as Your beloved
Lord, I put my extreme trust in You.

Savoring your manna today,