Monday, August 29, 2016

Manna - "What is this?"
Being called to Live in the Mystery of God's daily Graces...

Living in God's mystery is SO hard... until it simply reveals itself. Easy-Peasy!

In a blink of an eye, my life over the next 3 months has changed dramatically! Let's just cut-to-the-chase, shall we? On September 8th, I will be TEMPORARILY  moving to Sonoma to help manage "Sonoma's Best"! Be sure to Google it... There are (4) quaint cottages for rent and a chi-chi wine/gift/cheese shop with a deli and wine bar. I'll be living in the apartment above the shop, and Coco will be my MaĆ®tre Fromager (not really, but a dog can dream, can't she?).

In the meantime, I will be subletting my sweet little Mount Hermon cottage in the woods and plan to return by mid-December where I will be looking for FULL-TIME employment back in the Scotts Valley/Santa Cruz area. So please, please, please... Let me know if you hear of any employment opportunities over the next few months. I will be available to drive back home for interviews and hope to land a job soon after the New Year!

As a dear friend said to me, "Maybe this is a season of adventure for you!" 

I like that! And even though I feel the excitement of a beautiful flower coming to full bloom, the petals are definitely tinged with shades of hesitation and a splash of nervousness. So I would appreciate any prayers and would love to have visitors! Harvest time is the BEST time to come to wine country! Hint, hint! :o)

Enjoying His Manna (and wine, and cheese, and...)

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