Wednesday, November 16, 2011

I think I have a new job!

Do I look bewildered and bewitched?  Well, you would be too if you saw all the activity I've seen around here the past two weeks!

I see my mom coming and going; sometimes she's in the studio and sometimes she's out and about!  On a good day, I get to go out too!

There's been soldering (and more soldering) goin' on...  I think (if I counted right) she's made about 45 ornaments!

... and then just when I thought I had seen everything, she goes and starts dabblin' in watercolor and pointed pen calligraphy

... OH, and did I mention she learned how to sculpt with paperclay recently too!  Look at the newest addition to our Christmas decorations.  Her name is Noelle.  She's quite pretty, if I do say so myself!

 I've noticed a lot of vintage buttons lying around...

Sometimes those buttons turn into these pretty bracelets...

oooo-la-la... do you see the fleur-de-lis button?!  She's selling most everything at a new charming boutique in Watsonville: Shabby Maison  If you still need Christmas gifts or a nice hostess gift, a birthday present or stocking stuffer, you're sure to find the perfect treasure at Shabby Maison.... I "bark" from experience...  really!  I've been there with my mom.  

Well, if this weren't enough activity... QUESS WHAT?!!!....

My mom (Lynne) is finally launching her new concierge business too! (Woo-hoo!)

It's called, Coco Concierge Services and by the looks of it, I may just have a job!

See her new business cards and marketing postcard...

now take a closer look.....

Yep, that's me!  I'm guessing this means I have a job... that I get to go with my mom when she goes to work.  I didn't even have to interview.  I must just have that natural knack to make people smile! I love people, and I can't wait to meet my mom's new clients!

Here are some of the services my mom and I am offering:

Personal Assistant Services
Home Management Services
Elderly Companion Services
Patient Advocacy Services
After-School Au Pair Services
Dog-Walking Services (this is my favorite!!!)
Short-term House-Sitting Services

Our Mission is....

To provide the highest quality of assistance with compassion, integrity, reliability and enthusiasm to meet  your personal and/or business needs.

So... do you know anyone who might need my mom (and me, of course!)?  She won't disappoint! And I promise to work really hard too!

So hire us!  Life is busy; Your time is precious; WE can help!

Well, that's it for now.  Stay tuned for updates!  I promise to let you know when we get our 1st client!

Woof, Coco

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