Saturday, April 21, 2012

For the love of books....

The birds were chirping... 

I could feel the sun on my fur; there was a spring to my step... I was on an afternoon walk and lovin’ it!  

While I was meeting dogs and attempting to chase birds... mom (Lynne) was chatting with her friend about her love for books...

“I love books; old books; new books; used books; books with pictures; worn books.  

I love the way a book feels in my hand; the smell of an old, musky volume -untouched for years.


I love the embossed covers of old forgotten titles or the illustrations from my childhood classics.

Books are my vice.  I MUST own them; HAVE them; SEE them on my bookshelves. If too much time has lapsed since reading, I feel a sense of withdrawal coming on.   

Books are in every corner of my house: in wicker baskets, leather totes, on side tables... I even use them to decorate.  

It goes without saying, my intent is to treasure my favorites; read them over and over again; return to flagged pages; seek out highlighted nuggets - profound quotes; find renewed pleasure in their pages.  

So how can I even consider an e-reader?

Friends, quit trying to convert me! Don’t you see... it would be a monumental betrayal; a sacrilege! 
But alas, am I actually being lured to the dark side?  (Yea, I know what you’re thinking)... Do I actually ever reread any of my cherished editions?  (With my eyes downcast)... uh... well... NO!  

In reality, I’m a hoarder... I just keep buying more books; books - upon - books - upon - books.  It’s embarrassing.  Not only is it expensive, but it would take me at least 2 years to read every book I’ve bought, but haven’t read. 

I’ve got books coming out of my ears!  There’s absolutely no way I can squeeze one more book on any of my bookshelves.  

In fact, sadly... there’s just no more room in the Inn.  But I’m an addict... there’s no better feeling than being whisked away to another place, time, life!  So, I’m torn.  

Am I doomed to “scroll” instead of “turn”; “touch” a screen rather than “feel” the weight of a book in my hand?  Will Times New Roman (on a stark-white screen) eventually be easy on my eyes, OR will age-old scripts on faithful pages continue to win my loyalty?  

My heart screams, ‘Don’t do it!... you CAN make more room!”  But my head sees virtual bookshelves offering everlasting space.  It’s such a dilemma!” 

... well, there’s certainly no dilemma for me! If my mom would just ask me what I thought, I’d bark, NO BOOKS! Because no books means more bird chases, more sun on my fur, more spring to my steps... more WALKS for me!  (*pant, pant*) or e-reader... only one thing matters....  Just read at night! (*pant, pant*)

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