Thursday, May 10, 2012

Coco & the "C" Word

Normally I like words that begin with "c"... after all, my name IS Coco!  In a dog's life, words beginning with "c" conger up visions of cuddles, chow-time, catch, climbing and crawling - you know, playtime!

But this week, some new "c" words have cropped into my corner. This week my mom (Lynne) has been making lots of phone calls; researching the computer; there's been NO climbing or crawling (all over her) allowed; she hasn't been able to play catch with me because I've noticed she can't throw my bone very far; she drives off in her car for mysterious appointments; and the worst of it... for reasons unbeknownst to me, she's thrown me out of her bed and confined me to my crate at night!  C#@p!

What is going on?  I don't want to sleep in my crate... why won't she let me cuddle with her?  .... then I heard her say THE "C" word to her friend... it's all so very confusing to me.  Will someone please cough-up what's going on, so I can cope better? 

Ok... I think she's going to explain it to me (and you). Hopefully she can clear this all up for us!....

... thanks for caring and being my companion on this journey!

after having double breast biopsies this week, here are the results and next steps...

The Good, the Bad, & the Good!

The GOOD = Currently, the calcifications in my left breast look good!

The BAD = The right breast... not so much...

& the GOOD = Baring no surprises, if you have to have Cancer.... this is the best kind!! 

Next Steps:

1)  Start making calls to see if I'm eligible for financial
      assistance through State programs.

2)  Meet w/ a new doctor on Monday (unfortunately mine is on
     vacation until June 7th) to discuss surgeon options.

3)  Set up surgery - recommendation - a lumpectomy... 2-3
     weeks from now.

4)  Radiation 5 days a week for 5 weeks.

And could it get any better???  Why yes, IT COULD!!!  
Praise God... NO CHEMO!!

Prayer Requests:

A)  Continued peace regarding 1) my current financial 
      situation; 2) the real possibility of a delay in finding work
      due to the radiation schedule; and 3) the uncertainty of
      my future employment and living situation if things don't
      change soon.

B)  A spirit of trust and gratitude ALWAYS - no "ifs", "ands" or

C)  To learn the lessons I'm supposed to learn, so I can be
      more Christ-like! 

Thanks to my loving Savior and all of you... My spirits are high; I feel absolutely loved and cared for; your prayers and support are felt to my very core; and I am so thankful for each of you!  

Sending you all warm hugs of gratitude,

P.S.  "So, see Coco... "c" words aren't so bad....

Christ is in Control
Chocolate always make one feel better
Caring friends are amazing
Cuddles will Come soon
No Chemo - woo hoo! 



  1. Coco your mom needs you love. Be a good little babe and give her kisses whenever you can. Let her know I am and will continue to lift you mom up in prayer. Tell her she is a princess of the Most High God and He has paid the price and she is covered in His blood. He will place her and you in safety under His wing and take all tour burdens. I pray for healing and financial security for your mom. And pray she soon feels like having you on her lap real soon!

    God is in Control.
    Take Comfort in Him.
    Cast your Cares and burdens on Him.


  2. Hi Becs,

    Thanks for sending all your sweet thoughts to Coco and me! We are feeling the love! <3

  3. LOVE right back atcha Kathryn!

  4. Love and praying for you Lynne. My heart stopped a beat reading this. You are one of my life long friends .... I promise you my earnest prayers. Be strong in the Lord and the Power of zhos might.

  5. Speechless but not prayerless! In fact I'm so happy that the Holy Spirit intercedes for us with groanings too deep for words to communicate to the Father exactly what is needed. You are totally in my prayers and will continue to be with every thought which will be many! Sending lots of love your way too! Will follow the blog and hope to see you soon.

  6. It's difficult in times like this to say just the "right" words to encourage and uplift a dear friend, so I'm really glad you already know what you mean to me, and that God is in control and does have plans for you, like His word promises. You know that I am praying for you daily (and more often than that!) and that I love you. Please let me know how else I can support, no matter how big or how small. Maybe a chick-flick at your place one evening?

  7. Thanks ladies... your words are lovely to hear and such an encouragement, and I'm so thankful for such amazing friends. I know I'm not alone with Christ, but it's nice to know I have an army of loving prayer warriors!