Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Third Time's a Charm - (told through Lynne)

The number three...  isn't it funny how sometimes things come in 3's?

  1. Two breast biopsies and one head biopsy = 3
  2. Two previous skin cancers removed on my head... and now this one = 3
  3. Two cuts between pathology to remove the cancer... and one more cutting to stitch me up = 3
As I mentioned this morning on Facebook... my devotional reminded me to look for God's hidden treasures strategically placed along my journey today. Can you believe it?  I found three:
  1. The doctor said the cancer was deep, but luckily just missed my bone which was good, otherwise he would've had to cut out some of my skull... I said, "you're kidding right?"  ... Nope, he wasn't kidding! 
  2. There's only a 3% (notice the number?) chance of the cancer tumor coming back in that exact area.
  3. The healing time has been reduced by about 3 weeks since the doctor WAS able to stitch me up! Woo hoo!
Even God's amazing love comes to us in three's... through the Father, Son and Holy Spirit!

One... two... three... 
Third time's a charm!  


  1. Thanks for letting us know of your ups and downs Lynn. Your writing is wonderful and not only do I get to witness your blessings, I am counting mine a lot more closely.

    And what a cute dog! Wowsa!


  2. Thanks Celia... Coco's part of my therapy! :o)

    Hope you're doing well! Hope to see you on the 13th - our next mtg.

    Love, Lynne

  3. You always inspire me how you focus on the positive!

  4. Thanks Lis! It's God's doing... I make choices every morning - Am I going to be a statue or a pigeon today! I'd rather be flying, if you know what I mean! :0)