Saturday, May 12, 2012

Cranium starts with "c" too....

Opps... I forgot to mention one other "c" word - "cranium."

Seriously, I just can't make this stuff up....  

I recently noticed a large spot on the back of my head.  After a jaunt to the dermatologist and one biopsy later... it IS a type of skin cancer that needs to be surgically removed.  So I have that surgery scheduled for June 4th.  Hopefully they can get clean margins the first time around, otherwise they'll have to keep removing until they do.

So just one more prayer request to add to your ever-growing list... me thinks one shouldn't have so many prayer requests!

Chocolate... I need chocolate!


  1. Lynne, I am praying for you! I love you!!!

  2. Love you too! Thanks for all your Colorado prayers. :O)

  3. Lynne, you do NOT get extra credit for having two types of the "C" word at the same time! All kidding aside, you are constantly in my prayers.

  4. Hey Ellyn! Come on... that's not fair! I should get an A+ for my "extra credit" don't ya think!?

    Thanks for your neighborly prayers... we really DO need to get together one of these days! Hope all is well for you and you're life is thriving! <3