Sunday, June 10, 2012

The Blog-Dog is Back!

Helloooo... remember me?

Someone's been taking over my blog lately, and by someone... I mean my mom (Lynne)!  But I'm baaaack! while she's out with a friend, I thought I would sneak in another post before she gets home! Shhh... don't tell her!

Don't I look SnEAkY? ehh.. ehh!


Last Wednesday, was a good day!  After two weeks confined to my crate at bedtime, I finally got to sleep under the covers with my mom again!  Woof!  The doctor said my mom's head healed up fine-n-dandy so she got her stitches removed...  Ruf, ruf!!  This makes me so happy!...

She also had a few more doctor's appointments, so things are movin' along.  I don't know everything, but I DO know her surgery date is set for Friday, June 29th!  She should be in the hospital anywhere from 2-5 days, but she's a good "healer", so I'm hoping she'll only be gone two nights!

Otherwise, I would miss her and be very sad....

But here's the good news!  My mom's super-duper, wonderful friend, Julie is coming just in time to help me take care of her!  Julie's a nurse... isn't that great?!  She'll be here when mom's in the hospital and hopefully for a couple of nights after my mom comes home from the hospital!   I LoVE Julie!  Woof, woof!  Here's a picture of my mom and Julie when they went to New York together a long time ago!

But here's the deal... I need to tell you a little secret... come closer... I'll whisper it in your ear.... just a little bit closer....,  if you live around here and you want to come and visit me (uhh.... I mean my mom)... you'll have to just come to the house okay?  Those pesky doctors won't let me go to the hospital, so you have to come here to house to see me (uhh... I mean my mom) - OKAY?  You wouldn't want to miss me, would you? (uhh... I mean my mom, of course!).  So you have to come to the house, OKAY?!!

Really... she'll be home before you know it, and when she's home, she won't be completely "loopy", I promise.  She'll remember you came to visit, be in her own clothes (instead of that gown that doesn't close in the back)... who knows... she may even have a little lipstick on!  She'll be able to offer you coffee or tea and a cookie!  And if you're lucky... I'll greet you at the door!  Now doesn't that sound so much nicer than going to a icky ol' hospital... without me?  (*pant, pant*  Please, pretty-please!!)

Okay, so now that we've got that settled... I'll expect visitors the week of the 4th of July.  It will be so much fun... and my mom will be happy to see you too!

We'll celebrate my mom's "independence" from cancer together!

I know you want to see me!  REaLLy... I do!

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