Wednesday, June 20, 2012

STRIKE... and You're Out!

Quick update... 

Just when you think everything is rollin' along.... BAM... you get a call that potentially changes everything!

The doctor's office called today to inform me that Dominican Hospital is going on strike next week, and therefore my surgery date may need to be changed.  We've set a new date for July 3rd, but if the strike hasn't been resolved, it WILL get bumped again.  

Note to self:  Although this is last-minute-news to me, it is NOT new "news" to God!

Of course, this delay isn't life-threatening, but it does create multiple layers of inconveniences:

1) My dear friend (and nurse), Julie, has already booked her flight to be here on Thursday, June 28th to be with me through surgery.  Her flight home actually departs on Tuesday July 3rd, and she has to work on July 4th.  She was the one that suggested the importance of having an advocate in the hospital.

2)  I've had other friends who have already started signing up to bring meals starting on Tuesday the 3rd, so now those folks will need to be notified and commitments altered. 

3)  All my post surgery appointments will need to be post-poned/changed to later in the month.

So, I'm calling on all prayer warriors!!  (I know that whatever happens is !meant to be! so, I don't want to get in your way, Lord)... but won't you please pray with me that God would in His miraculous ways... cause the strike to be resolved before it even gets started?  (I mean, a girl can ask, can't she?!)  ...That way, I can keep my original surgery date of the 29th, Julie can come and be my nurse and advocate, and all those other appointments and visits can remain unchanged!

Let's send a symphony of prayers up, okay?  Let's bombard God with our petitions... let's just see what His plan is together and rejoice with whatever the outcome!

Thank you!!!

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  1. Lynne, I am praying! I love your attitude. I pray that God will clearly lay out the perfect path for you to walk through. xoxo.