Monday, July 16, 2012


Woof, woof!  I'm so excited; I'm almost home! ....and I get to see my mom (Lynne) again!  

Now don't get me wrong... a little vacation at Grammy's is always nice, but I'm not gonna lie... I WAS a little worried when everyone left on the morning of Tuesday, July 3rd but my mom was the only one who didn't come back that night.  Where was she? Why was she gone? When would she come back?  

And then before I knew what was happening... off I went with Grammy to her house with no explanation! 

Five days later, Gram put me in her car so I settled in for a little drive and went to sleep.  Suddenly, something smelled familiar... I sat up in my car seat; looked out the window; and lo-n-behold we were in Scotts Valley!  I was almost home!  I could barely contain myself!

As soon as I got in the house, I was on the hunt for my mom.  I couldn't wait to see her!  Before I knew what I was doing (because a dog like me can't help myself), I did my crazy-dog run!

Why are you looking at me like that?  I told you it was "crazy". I romp around the couch, jump on chairs, thrash my toys, leap over burning buildings... 
... okay, I don't leap over burning buildings in a single bound, but "the run" is what I do! It's how I express my utter, pure joy!  

Hey what's this?  I've never seen this chair before?

It looks like this is where my mom's been resting... Why won't anyone let me jump up on it... Will my mom let me get up there with her?  Umph!  I want my mother!

I'm noticing a few "funny" things... like, why's she wearing that funny robe?  She's actually got four funny "things" hanging from her sides... wait a minute.... Are those new squeak toys for me?  Let me investigate a little....  

Eww... I don't think so!

Something's not quite right, but I'm so happy to see my mom.  And the best part is.... Yippee!  I do get to get up on the chair with her; I just have to be very, very careful!  I can't get excited on her... just at the door when people come to visit her (and me of, course!).

So here's what I've been able to surmise since I've gotten home...

  • My mom's surgery went well; no unexpected surprises
  • Her hospital stay was comical, but thankfully short-n-sweet
  • She came home on Friday, July 6th
  • The first week, she had good & bad days - dealing with nausea, pain management, etc.
  • Two (of 4 drains) were taken out on Wednesday, July 11th = Hiccup #1; the nurse pulled the wrong drain.
  • On Friday, July 13th = Hiccup #2; one remaining drain started leaking and had to be removed early.
  • So far, we think everything is okay, but here's my mom's prayer requests:

    1. Her body will continue to absorb any extra fluid that is collecting due to her drains-debacle.
    2. The "forgetfulness" or "false record-keeping" of the nurse will be revealed, so my mom's doctor won't "attack" her (again) at her next doctor's visit on Tuesday... clearly he's worried (unnecessarily) about a lawsuit.
    3. Continued smooth healing and renewed energy
I don't think I've ever seen so many people coming and going... my mom sure has an army of loving, caring, selfless, amazing, incredible friends!  She asked me to thank you... so... "Ruff, Ruff"!!

It sure is good to be home!  


  1. Miss Coco, thank you for the update, you truly are one chic pooch! Keep lovin' your Mama up and giving her lots of good 'ol TLC. And please tell all your Mama's friends and family that they're all angels! And that her teacher, Lexi, can't wait to see her in class again. But most importantly, please tell your Mama that Lexi is sending love and prayers. xoxo, Lexi

  2. Hi Lexi!

    My mom says you are such an amazing and talented teacher! She loved the beautiful bracelet you made her. She got it yesterday on her way to a couple of appointments over the hill. I didn't get to see it until she came home late last night... it's so pretty! I wish dogs could wear bracelets!

    My mom sends her love and thanks for all your sweet encouraging messages! She's feeling stronger each day! I hope I can meet you soon too! My mom says you LOVE animals!

    Woof, woof, Coco!