Sunday, December 30, 2012

A Look Back in Time... 

Hi, it's me Coco!

I've been reminiscing. This requires deep concentration, because one year for me is like seven for you!  Now, where was I?  Oh yea... think, think.  
Me concentrating!

Concentrating often triggers me to lick my chops, so this is a good sign! But I digress...

Don'tcha just love Christmas-time?  I know... there are lots of reasons to enjoy this season: friends and family coming and going, yummy food, pretty lights and decorations, giving of presents and worshipping the Baby-King.

But for me it's even more than that... sometimes I forget that it's only been 3 short Christmases ago that my mom brought me home! 

My 1st Christmas!

My 3rd Christmas!

So you see, Christmas is a special time for me and my mom!

But about 1 year after my mom brought me home, she got laid off from work. It was a little scary, but she was excited about it too.  It opened up new possibilities. First and foremost, she took some time to rest, be creative, be still & explore.  

So, I decided to take some time too... to play, explore, romp, & nap!  

I loved it!! I mean, come on... what dog wouldn't? I had my mom all to myself!   It's what I call, Puppy Bliss... Woof!

After resting for a few months, my mom found some balance in her life again. She felt a peace so deeply, she couldn't explain it.  She knew without a shadow of a doubt that God was in control and would take care of us both.  She knew that He has always had her in the palm of His hand! 

I'm pretty small, so I think I can fit in His hand too!

But soon it was time for my mom to start looking for work again.  She discovered it was pretty tough out there.  As the months passed by, it never occurred to her that she wouldn't be working 12 months later.  A couple temporary assignments presented themselves, but nothing seemed to materialize full-time. 

Right when things were starting to look up, she hit another bump in the road... 

You remember... last Spring... yep, she was diagnosed with breast cancer.  Bow Wowzer! No one saw that coming!

There were lots of doctor's appointments, insurance meetings, and running around.  Summer was a time of two surgeries and a long recovery.  

In September, she started looking diligently for work again, even though her body was telling her to (perhaps) wait just a little bit longer.  No job materialized (again) = blessing in disguise. Funny how that works!

Thankfully, by November she started getting her energy back. Finally no more skin stretching; less and less pain; and minimal discomfort.  If you ask me, I think her energy is back!

She even decorated for Christmas, hoping and praying this wouldn't be the last Christmas in this sweet little cabin in the woods!  If it is though, we sure can't complain... it's been wonderful!


Looking Forward... So now I'm thinking... 

God must have known my mom needed these past two years off from work.  Her unemployment brought her a time for rest and renewal... then it brought her to a place financially to be eligible for insurance which would pay for all of her medical needs (WOW!), and now it's given her time to heal and recover.  And of course... I got to have her all to myself!! (*Sigh*)

So as we say goodbye to 2012 and ring in the New Year... I know God will continue to take care of both my mom and me!

Just think of the possibilities!
Woof, Coco