Sunday, January 13, 2013

Taken by Surprise

I love surprises.  You know, like a treat in the middle of the day.  A new toy for no reason except that my Mom adores me.  A walk along W. Cliff with the sea air and lots of doggie-friends to meet.  Or the unexpected guest - aka - my new best friend!  These are simple surprises that bring me great joy!  It's what I live for.

Then there are those surprises which aren't so nice.  Like when my Mom takes me for a ride in the car and the destination is the Vet.

Or even worse... the groomer!  Rut-Ro... NO thank you! 

Yea, yea... I know I look like a skinned Rat!

Well, I guess it's the same for humans.  My Mom loves surprises!  ... Like unexpected company; ice cream cones; finding dark chocolate hidden when she thought there was nothing yummy to eat in the house; serendipitous adventures; and a surprise call from a friend.

But just like me, there are other "surprises" which my Mom doesn't necessarily like...  

This Thursday she went in for her "post-stretching check-up." Here's what she thought would happen... 

Doctor: "Everything looks great; you've healed up just fine. When would you like to do the implant surgery?"  

Mom: "Well, I'd like to wait another 4-5 months, so I can focus on  finding full-time work; settle into a new job; and then ask for some time off avoiding any problems."  

Doc: "No problem!  We'll schedule your implants surgery for June."

Oh... did I mention this is how the conversation was supposed to go? But instead, the conversation went a little something like this...

Doc: "Hmmm... this open wound is too deep. 

(Remember the unexpected surgery in August?  Yes, we've walked this road before!)... 

Mom: "You mean this little hole?"

Doc: "Yes. We need to remove some fluid, open you up; suture internally; and then close you up; wait while you heal; fill you up again; let you heal; THEN do your implant surgery in June.  Good news... we can do this procedure today or tomorrow under local anesthesia in my office."  (Mental note: he's still okay with June for implant surgery)

Mom: "Again?! Really?!  Well, okay, I'll come back tomorrow."

Oh... but wait... tomorrow (Friday) comes.  

Doctor:  "You know?  I've been thinking about this last night (uh oh)...  I think we need to do the implant surgery as soon as possible.  I can't guarantee this procedure will work and your skin won't open up again.  The expander is probably putting too much pressure on the incision.  I am worried and don't want to run the risk of infection.  I'll schedule you for implant surgery Monday!"

Mom: "(in the best Scooby-Do voice) Uhhh?" 

So instead of waiting till June, my Mom is having her implants surgery Monday at 2pm.  Talk about an unexpected surprise!!  But if she's learned nothing, she's learned that God is in the unexpected.  His timing is perfect, even when we don't understand!

So if all goes as planned, my Mom will be home Monday evening for better or worse, and I'll get to cuddle with her.

  No really... it's what I do best!

So, while you're praying for her on Monday at 2pm, I'll just wait here for her to come home to me.  Don't worry, I've got this.  I'm really good at making her feel better.  Woof!   Really!  

Thanks for your prayers!  Coco

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