Sunday, January 20, 2013


If I were a cat, I'd be purrrrr-ing right about now!  

My Mom declared today a "Do Nothing Day!"  She's still in her jammies, and I'm all curled up warm and snuggly!  It's a "ruff" life, but someone's gotta live it!

There's something wrong with this picture... Stumped?  Well, normally, my Mom would be sitting in the chair with me.  I'd put my head on her shoulder, and we'd be happy as two clams!  But someone had to take the picture, and I was too comfortable to get up! 

You're probably wondering how her surgery went.  Well, she sees her doctor this week on Thursday when she'll get the official word, but if you ask me.... She's doing great!   No pain all week!  

She's just a tad tired today, so... DND!

So we're catching a few Zzzzz, watching a French movie (Zut Alors! ... I can't keep up... and so nap time again!), and a bit of reading... maybe even a little walk later!  

But I need to wake up first!

Okay... I think I'm ready for a walk!

Woof... see ya! Coco

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  1. I am so glad your surgery went well! Whew, what a journey you've been through! This will be a GOOD year for you! I sold one of your necklaces!

    Check is in the mail!

    Miss you my friend - big hugs!