Sunday, August 12, 2012

Artful Pup!

Yep... that's me!

It's a pretty good "liking" too!  So much so that when my mom hung it on our living room wall, I immediately growled at it. Then I realized it was JUST me... no need to worry! Whew!  That was a close one...

Don't get me wrong... I don't mind sharing my toys; I'll even share my food; I just don't want to share my Mom!  I mean, I'm top dog around here... don'tcha think?

I LoVE my Mom. She's my BFF.

Since her surgery, I don't like letting her out of my sight.  I'm on high alert!  She needs to be watched. See... this is me watching her...

It's all very intense... it's my job, and I take it very seriously!  I hate to admit it, but on very rare occasions, she gets out of my sight.  What can I say?  Sometimes my toys distract me...

....well, she's VERY tricky sometimes!!!

...and before I knew it, she snuck out of the house (without me!!!)! Grrrrr...

Sometimes when she comes home, especially after a doctor's appointment... she's in pain and very uncomfortable, so we just take naps together.

But the other day, she came home and was very perky.  Now, now... I know what you're thinking!  Sheesh... she's not THAT "full" yet!  No, silly... she was perky with energy!

She's feeling well enough to get back to being creative.  She took a class in precious metal clay (PMC) and had a lot of fun!  Look what she made... isn't it pretty?  

It's hand-rolled out of fine silver, textured, and then torched and antiqued.  She just needs to make a "purdy" chain for it!  I know... it's a bit blurry, but it's very hard for a dog to take pictures.  I need to get my nails cut!

Here's a necklace she made that looks like a little book! Notice the fun chain?....

If you look really closely, you can see my name hammered into the tag near the heart!  

Mom's doing great, and I'm a happy camper because I know how much my Mom loves me!  Woof, woof!! (*sigh*)


  1. I love your blog and was so thrilled to hear you are out of the house taking art classes again - WOO HOO! What a milestone gal! You are AMAZING!
    Your new necklace is SO amazing! I just re-styled your necklaces off the dark board on the wall and they are now hanging on a new iron angel three hook wall plaque near the rest of the jewelry (will send you a pic - much better placement) and I sold one of your cards last weekend which is just more positive energy coming your way that you are recovering and you are an amazing artist. I am barely coming up for air every day but keep trying to convince myself how lucky I am??? Miss you and can't wait to see you again! BIG HUGS & Prayers - Anne & Lucy

  2. My mom and I can't wait to come for a drive out and see you, give you hugs, and look at all the new "pretties" you have in the shop! When are you home from school, Lucy? And when is your mama working from home or in her shop? Just let us know! xoxoxo