Saturday, August 25, 2012

Best Laid Plans... Foiled!

Hi, it's me again... Coco!

It was Thursday morning... and I could see luggage being pulled out of the closet, laundry being done, and Mom stacking clothes on the sofa. And I thought, !ADvENtuRE!... we're goin' on a trip!  

(*I congered up visions in my mind*).... Car packed; seat belts on; and off we go... wind in my hair; cars whooshing by; French music playin' on the stereo; nothing but open highway before us.  Road trip!  I LoVE it!  I settle down for a nice snooze. I couldn't be happier or more excited... 

(*But then I remember...*)
...sometimes (to my dismay), my "adventure" ends prematurely... and I wind up at Grammy's.  Now don't get me wrong, I love Grammy, but that just means my Mom is headed for an adventure without me.  Ruff!  Not a happy camper!  

So I thought, what's it going to be this time?  Do I get to go?  Oh please, oh please, oh please... woof, woof!  (*Wait... didn't I hear Mom talking about a Lundy Family Reunion in Truckee this weekend?*)  Hmmm... that may mean to Grammy's I go.  Humph!  Time will tell... 

Now it's Thursday afternoon... and off she goes to her weekly doctor's appointment.  It's a "fill" day! I hoped she wouldn't be too sore when she got home. I mean... she still needed to pack all her stuff and my stuff too! Come on... a pup can hope, can't she?

Don't worry about me, Mom!! I'll just wait here while you're gone and hope, okay?!

(*Pant, pant... here she comes!*)  She's home! Yippee, she's rushing around!  Wait... she's not packing; she's ignoring me; she's brushing her teeth again; now she's feeding me early... really early... whaaat?  Rut-ro... she's leaving AGAIN!!! Without me and no luggage. What's going on?!

Rut-ro is right! Best laid plans can turn on a dime... my Mom's off to the hospital again!

It turns out that one of my Mom's scars (which had split open a few weeks ago) wasn't healing properly, and her doctor decided to make her go to sleep again and do surgery in the OR.  She ended up leaving his office at 4:30pm, picked up a prescription at the pharmacy at 5pm, was home 10 minutes and was admitted to the hospital by 6pm.  

She got home about 11pm, but didn't feel very well.  The general anesthesia makes her feel like she's going to lose her "cookies".  Where's nurse Julie?  We need you!  

Well, I guess it's up to me!  Coco to the rescue! So I tucked her into bed about midnight, and off to sleep we went!

On Friday, she woke up sad, because she knew she wasn't feeling well enough to travel to the reunion.  I had to lick a few tears away.  Mom just sat in her chair, in her jammies, and rested all day.  I sat on her lap and kept her company.  It's my job to make her feel better.  And I think I do a pretty good job!

Today is Saturday - and thanks to lil ol' me - my Mom is in much better spirits!  She still needs rest and to be careful, especially with her left side.  Her "filling" schedule will be delayed for a few weeks while she heals again.  But she's really grateful her doctor played it safe.  We don't want anymore "hiccups" along the way!

So don't worry... I've got everything under control.  I gave her one of my favorite toys, and I'm keeping a close eye on her.

Nurse Coco here.. signing off!  Woof, woof! 


  1. Hi there...glad to hear you are feeling better. I keep you in my prayers girl. I have to say Coco has a real talent for writing and should consider submitting this all for an inspirational book when everything is over. Who knew puppies could be such good writers! Seek comfort under God's wings of love my friend. Becs

    1. Thanks for your continued love and prayers Bec! xoxo

  2. I pray God's peace and blessing as you heal from your unexpected surgery. Your little Coco is a jewel and so bright! I'm glad you're feeling better today and are getting some good rest.

    1. Hi Gwenda!
      Thanks for your encouraging words! xoxo

  3. I agree that Coco has a real talent for writing! Hang in there, Lynnie! Soon this will be but a memory!

    1. Hi Bobbi!

      I have nothing to complain about... there are so many going through so much more pain and grief than I am! Coco keeps me balanced! xoxo