Saturday, September 1, 2012


Pant, pant... did you see it, did you see it? 

Last night I was out doing my "business" (*sorry, TMI!*), and I glanced up and low-n-behold, look what was in the sky....

A Blue Moon!

In my (almost) 3 short years, I don't think I've ever seen a Blue Moon before... so I made a wish!  

Did you make one?  I'll tell you mine, if you tell me yours!  No, it won't ruin it... I promise!  The more people you tell, the stronger the wish gets!  REALLY!  Haven't you heard that?  

My Mom says, "What you dream about will come about!"  And I think a blue moon is so "dreamy"... almost like... Magic!

Speaking of magic, don't you just love SEPTEMBER?  I love the Autumn season.... cool, crisp days; a lovely roaring fire in the fireplace (opps... we don't have a fireplace!); okay... cozy blankets, and pretty leaves to romp in! One day the leaves are green... then, yelllow, orange, red, purple... IF that's not magic, what is?

Mom's excited it's Autumn too because she's taking an Art class at our local Junior College for the Fall semester...  something about learning and making different Artist Books.  Maybe down the road, I'll take a couple pictures of her projects and share them with you!  Shhh... it will be our little secret, okay?  

A secret isn't the same as a wish, you know... so you CAN'T tell, okay?  Do we have a deal?

Mom's actually excited about a few things...

1) Being Cancer-FREE!
2) Continued healing!
3) Opportunities for creativity (Fall is such an inspiring season, don't you think?)

BUT she's excited AND (a little) nervous about one HUGE thing, so she wished upon a Blue Moon last night too!  Wishing is fun, but I thought I would ask you to pray about it with her too.  Then it's bound to happen don't you think?  Will you do it?  ... for HER and little ol' ME?  Pretty please?!

This is my begging face...  please, please, please!

Ok, are you sitting down?  Cuz, I'm serious about this.  Hands folded.  Close your eyes!  NO PEEKING!!  Well, okay, don't worry you can peek and repeat after me....

"Dear Jesus,  it's me, (insert name)!  Hi.  I know you're busy, and there are probably lots of dogs (*I mean, people*) asking for your help, but I wanna ask you for help too.  She really needs to find a full-time job soon.  Her money's running out, and she (*I mean, Coco and she*) really don't want to have to move, because she (*I mean, Coco and she*) LOVE their home here in Mount Hermon.   
So, since You can do ANYTHING because YOU ARE AMaZiNG and PoWErFuL and MiRaCLeS live in your back pocket, would you provide the perfect job.... in Scotts Valley for my mom (*I mean, Lynne*)?  I know I'm asking a lot, but for You, it's effortless!  See, here's the thing:  if her job is close to home, she can come and eat lunch with Coco or take Coco for a mid-day walk, and Coco won't be so lonesome!  God... you wouldn't want Coco to be lonesome, would you?  I mean look at that face... how sad is that?  (*I know, that was a selfish prayer, but God loves puppies too, ya know! ...Okay, I'm getting off track here!*)  
Thank you Jesus, for hearing all of us and caring for Coco and Lynne!!  Love Coco... (*I mean, AMEN!*)"

(Me so lonesome cuz my mom has to commute soooo far!)  
(Me panting w/ excitement cuz my mom will be home soon!)

Thank you for praying with me!  I just know my AND my mom's wishes will come true, because I believe in Blue Moon wishes, living your dreams, and especially in a very BIG and LOVING God in Heaven!

So, if you tell me your Blue Moon wish, I'll tell you mine! 
Woof, Woof!



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