Sunday, October 7, 2012

Why do you love Autumn?

Grrrrr... woof!  It's me again!  Coco.  Don't be afraid... when I growl, it just means I'm talkin' to ya! It's my playful voice.

I LoVE thE FaLL!   Why, you ask?  Well, one reason is because my Birthday is...  (drumroll please)..... TODAY!  Yep. Yep.  October 8th!

Can you believe it? This is me when I was only 3 weeks old. Ahhh... look at me.  I'm so cute and so BROWN!  

Here I am on my 3rd day in my new home with my Mom!  I was so in love, I couldn't take my eyes off of her.  I think she was in love too!  It's called Puppy Love!

Here I am about 3 months old.  Hey, what's happening to my brown fur?  I need to get my roots done!

Wow... what happened to me?  Where did this white hair come from? I'm not old; I'm just 3 years old today!  Even in dog-years, I'm only 21yrs.  I'm in the prime of my life; time to par-tey!  Oh well, I guess I won't get "carded"!

ehem... ehem....   (Are you ready?) memememe.....
Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday to me... Happy Birthday dear Meeeeee, Happy Birthday to me...  and many more!

Okay... enough about me.  Let me catch you up a bit on my Mom.... she's been really busy lately.  

She's doing a lot of homework for her Artist Books class.

She's been practicing in her watercolor journal (a little).  She still needs to finish a few pages, but she's having fun.

She went to the Farmer's Market on Saturday to enjoy the sights and smells of Fall.  Look at the pretty vegetables and flowers. I didn't get to go... no dogs allowed.  aRoooo... Grrrrr....  (now that was a crabby growl!) Humph!!

She's postponed one of her doctor's appointment because of pain.  I guess her skin needs a little break.  She goes again this Thursday.  I sure hope it doesn't hurt so much.  I don't like sleeping in my crate.

She's reworked her resume.  REMEMBER when I told you she wished on the "Blue Moon"?  Do you remember what she (I mean I) wished for?  

Well, she's applied for an Executive Assistant position for a company in Scotts Valley.  It's temp-to-hire, and she's praying for an interview this week or next.  PLEASE pray!  

If she gets the job, maybe she can come home at lunchtime and play with me!  Yippee!

I'll keep you posted!  In the meantime, please oh please.... keep praying!

Ruff... I'm gonna go get some birthday treats... bye!
The Party Pup

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