Monday, October 22, 2012

Acceptance vs. Discouragement
(told by Lynne)

When an army of people are on their knees, when prayers are covering those making employment decisions, when an interview goes very well... how can I be disappointed when the Lord closes the door?  Well, if I'm honest, the answer is quite easily!   

The good news is my discouragement is very short-lived.  If I believe in an all-knowing, miraculous, and ever-loving God, then I know His hand was intertwined and enmeshed in this process.  There is nothing He doesn't know; there is nothing He can't do; His mercy and grace are ever-present in my life.  

So I accept His hand; the same hand that shut this door, and lean on Him in His waiting room, clutching His strong hand, awaiting the miraculous plan He has for me.

Thank you Lord for stretching my faith; for deepening my dependence for You; and for the gift of the faithful prayers of so many.  I feel overwhelmed by love!

P. S.  It's me... I just had to share a little secret from my heart.   Grrr!  ... wait a minute... I'm way too close to the camera.  

There, that's better.... I know my mom needs a job, but deep down... I can't help but be a little happy that she's still home with me!

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