Thursday, October 18, 2012

Waiting Stinks! 

I hate waiting. I'm a dog.  I don't like to wait for anything.  I get antsy.  If I wore pants, I would undoubtedly have ants in them!  

Really.  I wiggle my butt if I'm waiting for my mom to throw my toy.  I wiggle if I'm waiting to be fed. A treat... forget about it!  
A walk... even better!

Waiting Stinks!

I moan and I groan. I yip. I sigh.  I'll do anything to get my mom's attention!  Just being really cute usually works!

Waiting Stinks!

My mom doesn't like waiting either.  It's Friday; one week since her interview.  The company told her they'd be making a decision that day. They said they wanted someone to start Monday.... this coming Monday! 

She still doesn't know.  The temp agency isn't giving up any information except that they are waiting to hear too.

Waiting Stinks!

But my mom says that waiting is a part of trusting.  Just as I depend on her to feed me, throw my toy, give me a treat or take me on a walk, she is depending on God for a job... whether it's "this" job or one she doesn't know about yet.  

She says...

Waiting is depending. Depending is trusting... trusting in what we can't see and what we don't understand.

Waiting Stinks... but my mom says it produces trust and reflects God's faithfulness, so I guess it can't be all that bad! 

... Now where's my breakfast?!

Gotta run,

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